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Tourism Whistler Staff Picnic Lunch

Tourism Whistler's Team enjoys a Bike to Work Week picnic at Lost Lake Park.


The Bike to Work Queen of Whistler

I’ve known Sara Jennings for 8 years and I’ve always been impressed by her tenacious attitude. Whether she’s standing up for something she believes in or working towards a personal goal, she is one determined woman! Sara has always been an avid bike commuter and when started working for the food bank where the job description included owning a car to make food pick ups she was determined to find a way to do it all bike! With the purchase of a large custom trailer, a lot of determination and some very strong legs Sara hauled 100-200 lbs of food each week to the Food Bank for over 4 years!  Becoming a mother has not changed her bike commuting ways either. She can be regularly seen hauling her two young kids, their two bikes and all the extra gear that is needed for the day.  

So what inspires Sara to ride her bike so much? "Biking is my mental break, my fun, my exercise, and my simplicity tool. By not owning a car and doing everything by bike I am limited in what I can do in a day. I can't cram things in and at the end of every day, no matter how stressful I have a chance to take a break, get some fresh air, and get exercise. Running errands with kids also becomes fun for them, they love biking." - Sara Jennings.

Way to go Sara, you are an inspiration!

Construction Workers Bike to Work Too!

Usually on the site of a big renovation, the street is lined with a dozen dirty diesel pickup trucks.  Not at this EVR Fine Homes construction site.  After the foreman started a Bike to Work Week team, he encouraged others to ride to work too.  Hopefully they keep it up all summer!


Biking to Work When Work is Biking

Most people who biked to work, park their bike outside their office and sit comfortably in a chair until the end of the day when its time to bike home.  But what if your "job" is mountain biking?  Professional mountain bikers often drive long distances, bike in tow, to compete in races and explore new areas.  Fanny Paquette and Emily Slaco try to minimze their impact as much as possible when mountain biking and can often be seen pedaling the 99 highway to different trails through the sea to sky corridor.  During Bike to Work Week they decided to take on a much bigger challenge.  Starting in Whistler they biked to Vancouver, to Chilliwack, looping back through Sloquet Hot Springs, D'Arcy, Bralorn, Pemberton and back to Whistler.  They biked between 25 and 100 kms each day for 2 weeks, trail riding at each location, and relying on friends for accomodations.  When asked what the she enjoys most about biking to work Emily replies "You see so many things you don't see in a car, like flowers, creeks, animals.... Everything moves slower by bike which is what I enjoy most"  See their story here: https://www.facebook.com/events/500646910045499/   

 On Biking to Work

 "It’s enjoyable, it’s healthy, it’s cheap, and it takes about the same amount of time as driving.  The fresh air and exercise wakes me up in the morning, and it’s a nice way to transition from work to home after the day is done. (Bike to Work Week is) sociable! It’s nice to see everyone out on their bikes"

- Penny, RMOW


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