Start GoByBike Weeks in your Community

Check in the "Communities" menu to see if there are events organized in your community. If your community is not listed, please contact Terri-Lynn Gifford, Provincial Program Manager, to find out how GoByBike BC can help you start one in your community!

What are the benefits of implementing Bike to Work Week in my community?

Since the inception of Bike to Work Week in Vernon, I have noticed an increased number of cyclists on the road taking part during that week and beyond. The event has raised awareness about cycling, and created a fun collegial atmosphere in the community that spawns some competitiveness and a desire to participate. Consequently, the feeling is contagious, and every year I have noticed more cyclists on the roads.”  - Coldstream Councillor Maria Besso, North Okanagan

Encouraging physical activity as a lifestyle

The average cycle commuter travels 20-30 minutes one-way on their commute, easily meeting Health Canada’s recommendation of one hour of physical activity each day. The most important influencing factors for people to Bike to Work are:

  • fun; and
  • health & wellness

Surprisingly, people are less convinced by these benefits:

  • saving money,
  • using time efficiently; and
  • helping to protect the environment.

For this reason, Bike to Work Week focuses on and accentuates the fun and health benefits of cycling.

Greater sense of community connectedness

People get excited about Bike to Work Week.  In the workplace it is a great opportunity for colleagues to develop camaraderie in encouraging one another to fit activity into their day.  The celebration stations provide a festive atmosphere that visibly demonstrate the fun of cycling to both cyclists and motorists.

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