2020 Bike to School Week | 2020 Bike to Work Week

Port Alberni


Cycling Safety:

The following resources provide some excellent advice on how to stay safe while riding:

Bike Theft – Project 529:

Project 529 is an online bicycle registration system operating throughout North America. Using a free smartphone app, users can register their bicycles by taking photos and recording the serial number. This makes it significantly more likely that a recovered bicycle will be returned to its owner. Check out the resources below for more info or visit the Project 529 website.

Cycling Tips and Tricks:

Momentum Magazine, a Vancouver-based cycling magazine, produces many excellent articles on everyday cycling, including a helpful selection of “How To…” cycling articles. They also produce simple guides to help get cyclists get started, including the following:

Want to check out some cool bikes?

To participate in Bike to Work Week, any old bike will work just great. You do not need a fancy bike with loads of accessories. Dust off that old beater in the garage, pump up the tires, grease the chain, and you're good to go. However, for those who are interested in learning more about some of the fun new trends in cycling, check out these guides from Momentum Magazine:

2018 Bike to Work and School Week Promotional Materials:
2019 Bike to Work and School Week Promotional Materials:
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